Mathematics, Mechanics and Constructions. That's not all we can do. We are also working on creativity.


The hot sun does not warm our hands
Toles from boredom, all glitches
Wind on the door throws scraps
All this was, and it is only cream
By someone's breathing
And with a puff with the same warrior
The dung fly to the shed
What is there at night, I forget everything
This is a neighbor who came by night
Oh tonight, marvelous at night
And again in silence there was someone whose squeak
Ahha is a neighbor for some reason that does not sleep


And you're a girl
Do I know you
Sometimes I miss you a bit
You gave me tomatoes
and said quietly asysory
In the bag with pavilion lay lipstick
That I do not understand, but I think so

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He was in his underwear. Strip along. Strip across.
I was so disgusting.
And I decided to buy myself the same.

Recently, the Russian-American crew of the ISS made an unauthorized landing. The astronauts planted the wrong kind of potatoes, not with the apparatus and not in that field.

Sorry for our english.

This creativity of the best engineering calculations.

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